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    Product Launch Event Recording: AKG Ara Professional Two-Pattern USB Condenser Microphone


    This is the recording of the Product Launch Event Webinar, recorded September 15, 2021 to launch the AKG Ara professional two-pattern USB condenser microphone. Ara is perfect for podcasters, web streamers, YouTubers, musicians, and gamers to capture pro-grade, studio-quality 24-bit, 96 kHz audio for superior speech clarity and stunning vocal and instrument tracks. Ara features two pickup patterns - directional front (cardioid) to focus on sound directly in front of the mic while rejecting sound from other sides and Front + Back (omni) to pick up sounds all around the mic, such as multiple speakers or a group of performers. Ara includes an integrated base stand but can also be used with a desktop boom arm, or with a common microphone stand. And Ara is plug-and-play simple, thanks to USB connectivity and class-compliant drivers. https://www.akg.com/ara