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    Welcome to JBL VTX Workshop

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    In this two day intensive, you will learn how to implement A12, A8 and other VTX systems with great success. We touch on everything from the JBL software eco-system, networking, iTech amplifiers, rigging, verification and optimization.

    Learning Objectives: Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of transducer technology and the acoustic principals that make line arrays work. We will have a deep dive into the VTX products, from the signal processing and amplifier technology behind them through to the proper physical implementation. The JBL Software ecosystem will be thoroughly explained and participants will get hands on time with array design, rigging, configuration, and verification.


    Participants should have working grasp of Audio basics including signal flow, gain structure, basic acoustics and terminology. We encourage you to "bring your venue" with you. All dimensions, photos and design requirements are welcomed for discussion during the JBL Software Ecosystem module.


    Audio Essentials | Core Curriculum 
    Networking Essentials | Core Curriculum 
    PC Essentials | Core Curriculum 


    Rigging Acoustic principals Line Array Calculator software (LAC)
    Array design Amplifier technology JBL Performance Manager software
    Signal processing Transducer technology Configuration & Verification


    Participants should bring their own PC or a Mac with Boot Camp, preloaded with the latest versions of LAC (Line Array Calculator) and Performance Manager. These programs should be up and running prior to the session.


    InfoComm/AVIXA RU Credits - N/A